Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Tröeg's Haze Charmer and an Afternoon Smoke

For a light after work light refreshment recently I retrieved a can of Tröegs Haze Runner Pale Ale from the fridge. The can was part of a package of summer beers sent for review by Tröegs Brewing. Haze Runner is a new year round beer from Tröegs that was released this spring.

The beer has an unfiltered, hazy appearance due to the unmalted wheat used in the brewing, as well as dry-hopping. The glass sports a bright white head, which drops away after a few sips. Citrus and pine lead the aroma. Sipping brings juicy citrus flavors of pineapple, grapefruit and some sweet peach. There's a moderate mix of wheat and oak, and some pine in the finish. The mouthfeel is somewhat chewy with a tingling carbonation. It's an easy drinking beer that goes down fast, and the mild 5.5% ABV suits the fast drink.

Naturally I grabbed to smoke to enjoy as I reviewed the beer. Last month's shipment from My Cigar Pack included the limited Lost & Found No Free Lunch from Caldwell cigars. I wasn't familiar with the stick, though I expected it to be mild. Lost & Found finds cigars that were originally blended by other factories, then repackages them under the new label for charitable purposes. Proceeds from the sales of No Free Lunch will go to relief efforts related to COVID-19.

No Free Lunch features a Dominican wrapper, Indonesian binder, and Dominican fillers, producing a very mild cigar. While the cause is noble, I found the cigar to be rather uninspiring. Your mileage may vary depending on your preferences. At least the cigar flavor didn't overwhelm the beer. I nursed the beer along for about half the stick before boredom stepped in and I switched to the beer alone.

As a year-round offering, I'll keep an eye out for Tröegs Haze Runner at my local stores. It will make a very enjoyable summer refreshment. 

The beer mentioned in the post was an unsolicited gift from the brewery. The review represents my opinion and is provided without compensation.

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