Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Smoking on the Danube

Last month we enjoyed seven day cruise on the Danube River that included ports of call in Germany, Austria, Slovakia, and Hungary. It was an amazing experience with beautiful sights, amazing food, and fun people. The conversations with people who lived much their lives under Communist rule were enlightening, and refreshing compared to the naiveté spouted by the left here at home. I knew setting out the schedule would be hectic, and I wasn't sure about the opportunity to enjoy cigars along the way. I did pack plenty, just in case

I did manage to find time to relax with a cigar on several occasions, usually in the evening after dinner. Nights on the sundeck were cool, breezy, and dark due to low lighting. Sort of like my deck at home in the fall. One afternoon we elected to stay onboard and relax rather than tour, so I immediately retired to the top deck and enjoyed the beautiful view and a fine cigar. 

Early in the trip I happened to mention having a cigar when talking to a couple we had just met. The husband's eyes lit up and I offered that he was welcome to join in. We enjoyed a couple of late night smokes. It's a testament to the cigar culture that strangers become friends quickly. We've exchanged contact info and I look forward to catching up on future travels.

I didn't get the opportunity to visit any cigar shops, like I did in Ireland. Most of the stores I saw were small stalls selling mostly cigarettes. The only smoking-related shopping I did was to pick up another disposable lighter. Not quite your typical souvenir.

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