Monday, January 23, 2012

And Then There Was Beer!

Saturday evening we attended a dinner and auction fundraiser for our son's school. I was looking forward to spending the evening with friends, and even meeting a few more of the parents. I wasn't really thrilled when I approached the bar and saw the beer selection was limited to Coors Light, Bud Light, and Heineken. In fact, a friend who was volunteering at the bar approached me first and said "Sorry, there's no beer." I sucked it up and ordered a Heineken. Oh, now I remember why I don't do that.

A short while later I saw that Jeff and Lori from Blue & Gray Brewery had arrived at the party. A short while later Jeff stepped out and quickly returned from his car with two pigs of beer; Blue & Gray's Fred Red and Classic Lager. I bowed to Jeff's awesomeness and was the first in line for the new arrivals. "I'll have the Fred Red please." I even took a few opportunities to help educate some folks on the beers.

It was a fun evening, made all the better by the unexpected arrival of good beer from my favorite local brewery.


  1. Yay for Jeff and Lori - I hate it when folks think that Heineken is the GOOD beer.

  2. Gonna have to start inviting them to my parties!

  3. They are good people. If you're ever in Fredericksburg, be sure to visit the brewery and brewpub.

    And let me know you're coming!


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