Saturday, January 7, 2012

Party Glassware

We're preparing for our annual Epiphany celebration and open house this weekend. The dining room table will groan under the weight of all the food and there will be plenty of good drink. When we're expecting a large crowd I typically turn to the ubiquitous shaker pint glasses for serving beer. The glasses are sturdy, and even though our guests are well-behaved, there's always a chance of a spill or break in a crowded room. Since I have a large collection of logo glasses there's the added benefit of enough variety to keep folks from confusing their drink with that of others.

But, I've been thinking. What about our guests that choose to drink wine? Don't they deserve a sturdy glass with less danger of spills? I wonder if these would be a good choice for red wine.

Redneck Wine Glasses
The glasses are available here. There's even a smaller version that I think would be good for the white wine. 

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