Thursday, January 19, 2012

Beer Bottle Target

Okay, not really a beer bottle. I've seen these Do-All Outdoors Impact Seal "self healing" targets in various styles in catalogues but have always wondered how if they really performed as described. Well, when I saw one in the shape of a beer bottle, how could I resist? Nothing ventured, nothing gained so I figured why I'd try one out. Purely in the name of research of course.

First impression: Wow, it's small. The target area is about 10" tall and 2 1/2" at the widest point. The steel wire support is just tall enough to get the target off the ground to swing freely. The target itself is hard rubber about 3/8" thick.

When hit, the rubber does close in to a small hole. The picture shows a few hits from 9mm and .45 ACP from about 10 yards. The exit holes are no larger than pin holes. It does "heal" though I suspect after a few hundred hits the target may be ready for retirement.

Final impression: It's fun. That is what it's really about anyway. On the practical side, the small size will force you to slow down and take careful aim. A good hit will make the target swing, though it doesn't have the joyful noise of a hit on steel. I'll probably end up straightening out the wire support hoop and suspending it between the uprights of our normal target stand to raise the target off the ground a bit.

Any time spent at the range is great fun, and this target is one more way to add some variety to the day.

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