Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Do It For The Children

As noted previously, our son's school held their annual dinner and auction fundraiser this weekend. At our previous school, each year we donated a craft beer and food tasting event to the cause. Now that he's moved on to high school, we agreed to do the same for the new school. The event consists of at least  eight different courses, served for 6 people, in our home. We discuss the various types of beer, the signature marks of each style along with interesting brewing, beer culture or historical facts related to craft beer. Of course an appropriate food is served with each beer. The event has apparently developed a bit of a reputation as we have folks telling us well in advance they intend to bid it.

The tasting is scheduled be held in May. In order to give the winning bidder something to take home that evening, the package also included a cooler, a bottle opener, a six-pack of Starr Hill beer, a 750ml bottle of Gouden Carolus, 4 assorted specialty beer glasses, 2 Blue & Gray Brewery pint glasses, and copy of the classic "Brewmaster's Table: Discovering the Pleasures of Real Beer with Real Food" by Garret Oliver.

As the evening progressed it became apparent that folks had pooled their resources and two groups were engaged in a bidding war for the event. After the bidding ended, in order to further support the school, we offered to provide another dinner to the second place bidder, if they agreed to also match the winning bid. This offer was accepted.

So, now there will be two Saturday afternoons this Spring that we'll spend expounding on the goodness of craft beer and food, and of course tasting it too! It is a sacrifice that we'll happily take on. After all, we're doing it for the children.

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