Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bought A Lamb

The good news is that it was butchered, packaged and ready for the freezer.

For at least the past 9 years, we've been getting our Christmas tree from the same folks. Each year Rob Clements from Misty Meadow Farms comes to Fredericksburg to set up his Christmas tree stand in the same location. Some years back we learned that Rob also raises special sheep and cattle. We're are big fans of lamb (on our plates) so we purchased a whole lamb, and a bit of beef, from him at that time. We enjoyed the meats but hadn't gotten around to doing it again. While doing our Christmas tree shopping this past December I inquired about the availability of another whole lamb. I assumed we'd make arrangements to get one in the Spring. But Rob let me had one ready to go. A few days later Rob's daughter brought our order into town from their farm in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley.

The sheep raised at Misty Meadows is a variety known as Katahdin. Originally bred in New England, these sheep have hair, rather than wool, which is shed naturally every spring. The meat is lean and mild in flavor. The cooler full of cryo-packed meat consisted of loin and shoulder chops, ribs, stew meat, legs and other miscellaneous portions. The individual packages are ready for the grill or stove or oven. I'm looking forward to getting to the enjoyment of the meats, and of course we'll be sure to report on some of the preparations here.

Visit the Misty Meadows web site to read more about the farm, and the naturally raised antibiotic and hormone-free, Katahdin Sheep and Scottish Galloway beef.

And the Christmas trees? Always fresh and well-grown. Our tree has been up since before Christmas and we're still enjoying it.

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