Sunday, January 29, 2012

Faulted For Full Pints

Not too long ago, I mused on the question "How Much Beer Is Enough?" Some folks measure "too much" by the pint. Apparently, at a pub in the U.K., serving too much beer in a pint can get you fired.
A pub landlord and ­landlady have been ­suspended and ­threatened with the sack for serving pints “too full” of beer. 
Pete and Debbie Gibson were ordered to close their Junction Inn pub on New Year’s Eve ­because brewery bosses said the heads on their pints of beer and lager were not big enough. 
Pete, 48, and Debbie, 47, say they have been told they owe brewing firm Samuel Smith £10,733 in lost stock for topping up customers’ pints 
The dispute centres on whether or not customers are entitled to ask for more than 95 per cent of their pint glass to be filled and get the pint topped up so there’s less of a frothy head.

At first glance at the headline I assumed that folks were upset that they weren't getting a proper head on the beer. As noted previously, a proper head on the beer is an important aspect to the full enjoyment of a good beer. As it turns out, the claims of the owners revolve around the servers being too generous with the product.

Interesting conundrum.

See "Pub landlord suspended for serving pints "too full" of beer".


  1. Gotta say, the last time I was in England (London to be specific), I thought all the beer sucked. Nearly everything is franchised, and it all tastes watered down.

  2. Never been, but sounds like you found some unfortunate pubs.


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