Monday, April 29, 2013

A Hotel Beer Surprise

I was attending a convention in a Roanoke, VA hotel this past weekend. Although I did stop at the Roanoke Railhouse Brewery before checking in, I expected to see little else in the form of craft beer during the course of the weekend. Imagine my surprise, and delight, when I discovered this menu at the hotel restaurant:

Click to embiggen

That's 19 honest to goodness craft beers! While they did also serve the usual array of factory beers, the place actually printed a special craft beer menu. Sadly, the hotel-catered events I attended as part of the convention weekend, did not feature any of the above mentioned beers. However despite a busy weekend of meetings and other events, I did manage a couple of visits to the house pub for a good beer, or two three.


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    1. And sadly, many a Bud Light was still being served. So much work to do....

  2. Next Time you are in town you must check out the taprooms is town, craft beer is alive and well in Roanoke! the Wasena City Taproom and grill and Blue 5 downtown both have over 40 taps of nothing but craft beer, and the 1906 Alehouse has 20 craft beer taps. Even Buffalo wild wings in SW roanoke has 15 craft beer taps to go with the factory beers.

    1. Thanks. I'll remember next time i'm in Roanoke, and not ensconced in a hotel.


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