Monday, April 22, 2013

Flying Dog Single Hop Citra IPA

Another entry in the Flying Dog Single Hop series, this Imperial IPA is brewed to showcase the Citra hop. When the sample from the brewery arrived last week, I knew based on the name alone, that my citrus-loving palate was in for a treat.

Flying Dog Single Hop Imperial IPA with Citra pours a clear yellow-orange. The bright white head appeared quickly, and persisted as a thin layer during whole length of my drink (which admittedly was not an extended period of time.) I was immediately struck by the strong aroma of grapefruit-like citrus. Upon taking the first sip, that grapefruit juice impression was reenforced with a tingling in my sinuses. "Wow," I exclaimed, "this is interesting."

That initial citrus hit moderated as the beer warmed. After a short time in the glass, the sweet malt started coming through in both the aroma and flavor. The beer took on more of the malty aspects of a Double IPA. It was then that the warmth of the 10% ABV made itself known in the taste as well. The finish was clean and citrusy, but balanced with a hint of sweetness; like a bit of sugar on your morning grapefruit half. 

I've enjoyed all of the Flying Dog Single Hop beers I've tried. This Citra-based one might just be my favorite so far, although I admit that impression could be influenced by it being the most recent. BTW, if you're a home brewer, the Citra Single Hop IPA is the featured beer for the May “Stove Toppers” homebrew kit from Flying Dog.

Note: Flying Dog sent me an unsolicited bottle of this beer. It is through my own free will that I consumed and reviewed it. No compensation was received for this review.

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