Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gun Grabber Hypocrisy

Here's more confirmation of what we already knew; the real intent of the gun control elite is not gun control. Their intention is to control you, the lowly citizen. Mark Kelly, who already got caught trying to buy a gun he wants to ban, is again exposing his true colors. Kelly testified in Colorado in support of the bill to limit magazine capacity there to 15 rounds. Yet, here he is, in Arizona, showing off his Glock handgun with a 17 round magazine.

His wife, another tool of the gun grabber crowd who also wants to take your guns, is cheering him on as he target practices.


  1. I was so trying to respect them. And so have lost that battle.

    1. It's hard to have any respect for the likes of them. I can think of none of the "gun ban" crowd who care for anyone but themselves. Their feigned concern for the "safety of the children" is nothing more than a selfish quest for power. This will not end well.


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