Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Gun Grabber Vileness

I've long been distrustful of those who argue for "gun control" laws. It is my opinion they are complicit in the creation of defenseless victims. But with growing frequency, I am finding those who speak and act against the God-given right to self defense to be more than simply ignorant. They are increasingly being exposed as vile and dangerous people, who are often proven to be liarscriminals, violence prone, and even racists.

Watch this video of Colorado DEMOCRAT Diana DeGette dismissing a concerned constituent.

She knows that the Denver police arriving "within minutes" will do nothing to save this man in the situation he presents for discussion, and she has the unmitigated gall to laughingly dismiss the man and his concerns, telling him he'd be "probably be dead anyway." The leftist elites care nothing about the safety and well-being of us lowly citizens. They propose "gun control" laws that have absolutely nothing to do with protecting people, and everything to do with control of people. The way this despicable excuse for a human responds gives us an amazingly clear view of the fight ahead. It's us vs. them. Stand by for another war for freedom in America.

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