Friday, April 12, 2013

Morning Glory Espresso Stout

Morning Glory Espresso Stout is another entry in Dominion Brewing's "pinup girl" series. This bottle of stout has been sitting in the fridge tempting me since it arrived. (No pun intended.) I finally had the chance to sit down to enjoy the beer this week. I was not disappointed.

Morning Glory pours dark, make that black, and opaque, with a rich cappuccino-colored head. The dark coffee aroma is apparent right away. The dominant flavor is that of dark espresso. Hints of dark chocolate and a bit of roasted malt come through as well. There's just enough sweetness in there to keep the bitterness in check, creating a very well-balanced flavor. The mouthfeel is creamy and smooth. Despite record-setting high temperatures outside, this rich dark beer was quite refreshing and enjoyable.

It's no secret that I enjoy rich dark coffee as much as beer; I frequently drink a cup or two after dinner. (Despite the supposed caffeine effect, I am still apt to fall asleep with a book on my lap.) As I enjoyed the Morning Glory Stout, I couldn't help but think about the wonderful convenience of combining these two brewed beverages. (And still fall asleep in my chair after a hard day.)

After taking the accompanying photo, I split my glass with Colleen. She enjoys a good coffee stout too. Even at 9% ABV, half a glass was not enough. I will have to look for this in my local store. We are planning another beer tasting fundraiser event for the school, and I told Colleen we should work Dominion Morning Glory into the menu. I think our guests will enjoy it as much as we did.

The beer reviewed here was a promotional sample from the brewery. My impressions are provided of my own free will and mind. The only outside influence being the beer itself.

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