Monday, March 17, 2008

Closing of Bangkok Boulevard

I just received news via the FABTS mailing list that Bangkok Boulevard has closed. This was a unique establishment in Fredericksburg and the region in general. Besides some decent Thai food, their menu listed more than 150 bottled craft beers, including about 75 Belgians. There was no better restaurant in Fredericksburg when it came to the craft beer selection. They did beer right, even down to the proper glassware. This was also one of the regular meeting places for FABTS and Chad was always a generous and gracious host.

A number of restaurants have come and gone at this location. Bangkok Boulevard was open for about 18 months, and from my conversations with local folks, was still unknown to many people, especially when it came to the beer selection. I truly wish they could have hung on longer. We have Capital Ale House coming later this year to downtown Fredericksburg, but Bangkok Boulevard was much closer to my end of town. They will be missed.

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  1. That's a shame. Bangkok Boulevard was a great place for good beer, and I know Fredericksburg has needed a place like that for a long time.

    Well, here's to hoping Capital Ale House opens up there your way soon. But be forewarned, our location in Midlothian is taking eons to complete due to construction and permit complications.


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