Thursday, January 15, 2009

Local Restaurant Reviewers Visit Capital Ale House

Local restaurant reviewers Nancy Rossbacher And Stephen Sylvia recently visited the Fredericksburg Capital Ale House and their review appeared in today's Free Lance-Star. They mention a few of the many menu items, and I do agree with their assessment of the bratwurst and knackwurst plate. It's one of my favorites. The reviewers didn't mention it, but the Capital Ale House also serves a very tasty Angus burger. However, I do suggest ordering that entrée on a night other than the Monday $1 burger nights, when I've found meat is apt to be over-cooked.

My first thought when reading the positive review was "Oh no, here we go again." I feared there would be another crowd surge like we recently experienced after The Pub was reviewed in the paper. However, given the crowds that already fill Capital Ale House on weekend evenings, any visitor surge is likely to be well-masked.

See the Free Lance-Star review here.


  1. It wasn't crowded at all last night.

  2. "But what, some of you may ask, of the beers? Given their selection, that review would consume the entirety of today's newspaper."

    Dave, does that really mean they didn't order a single beer?

  3. Ryan, that would indeed be a shame.

  4. Actually, we had several beers. And I'd have cheerfully kept going, but we still had appointments to keep that afternoon. We stuck with the food in the review due to space constraints. That, and we felt that anyone who can't find a beer to their taste at Capital Ale simply isn't trying hard enough.

    I enjoyed visiting your site. Anyone who likes musing over a pint can come sit by me anytime.



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