Monday, June 29, 2009

Former Old Dominion Brewers to Open New Brewery

As mentioned in the previous post, Matt Hagerman and Favio Garcia, both formerly of Old Dominion Brewing, have joined up to open a new brewery in Northern Virginia. The pair were at this weekend's Northern Virginia Summer Brewfest to promote their new venture. Here is the press release that was being distributed at the NOVA Brewfest.

Old Crew, New Brew
Local Brewmasters Team Up to Open M. A. Hagerman Brewing Company

Leesburg, Virginia, June 27, 2009 - Matt Hagerman and Favio Garcia, formerly brewers for Ashburn VA's Old Dominion Brewing Company are planning a fourth quarter 2009 opening of a new Brewery in Ashburn. M.A. Hagerman Brewing Company intends to build on the rich brewing tradition created by Old Dominion Brewing Company. "Our goal is to provide this supportive Northern Virginia and D.C. community with high quality craft beers that local beer lovers have come to expect from us," said Favio Garcia, Old Dominion's former Brewmaster. "We plan to produce high quality kegged and bottled beer, as well as Root Beer and other sodas."

The Company will house two distinct brands: Rhino Chasers™ Brewing Company and later, Catoctin Brewing Company. Hagerman and Garcia plan four different styles of beer under Rhino Chasers: a wheat beer (Under Toe Wheat), a pale ale (Riptide Pale Ale), an imperial India pale ale (Shark Tooth LPA), and a stout (Black Fin Stout). Catoctin Brewing Company will produce three core beers: a lager (Revolution), a red ale (Cardinal Red Ale), and an oak barrel aged stout (Dogwood Stout). The Company offerings also include a variety of seasonal 'limited releases' and sodas.

Rhino chasers are big wave surfers on a continuous journey for the next perfect wave. We, at M.A. Hagerman Brewing Company, are on a similar journey to create enjoyable beers while preserving the laid back and creative attitude of the Rhino Chaser surfer.

"The local community has been very supportive of a micro brewery in the area," said Hagerman, M.A. Hagerman Brewing Company's founder and President. "It has always been my aspiration to create high quality beer through a local, independent brewery." Hagerman and Garcia are in negotiations for a local space, and they are actively raising funding from local investors by selling company membership interests through a private placement offering.

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For more information about M.A. Hagerman Brewing Company contact:

Matthew Hagerman
M.A. Hagerman Brewing Company +1 703.727.9087

Exciting news indeed. These brewers have many friends and fans in the area who are undoubtably looking forward to the new brewery opening.


  1. I don't really understand the point of having two distinct brands. The brands themselves don't seem overly unique - it's not like one's doing only lagers, the other ales, one German styles, the other British, etc. Why not just pick one and go with it?

    Still, I wish them luck. I just hope they don't over think the marketing side of the process.

  2. This is awesome news. I have been bumming ever since Dominion was sold. I don't get the multiple brands either. I think it will just confuse things.

  3. Did they buy the brand name Rhino Chasers from William & Scott Co? Rhino Chasers was a West Coast based contract brewer that went belly up in the late 90's. I rember drinking their beers in the late 80's and early 90's and they were actually pretty well done beers. They kind of got lost in the craft beer boom of the mid 90's, the brand faded, and William and Scott eventually folded.


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