Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday America!

The Fourth of July. National Day. Independence Day. Whatever you call it, (Independence Day is the proper term) today is the day Americans celebrate the founding of our great country. We mark it with summer-time activities such as cookouts, pool parties, parades, trips to the beach, fireworks. Sadly, some people never look past the chance to have a three-day weekend.

No matter how you mark the day, take some time to think about all the freedoms we enjoy. Give thanks to those who made this country great. We must never take our freedom for granted, but be ever vigilant against those who would seek to limit both our God-given, and civil rights.

Around here, we'll be acknowledging our 2nd Amendment rights with a little shooting at the range. After that, some American craft beer, and burgers on the grill. Oh yea, there will be fireworks.

Have a safe and fun-filled holiday.

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