Sunday, July 31, 2011

Highland Gaelic Ale

Here's another one of the local beers I enjoyed while vacationing in North Carolina recently. During dinner at the Red Drum Taphouse I enjoyed a pint of Highland Brewing Gaelic Ale.

Gaelic Ale pours a dark copper-brown color. There's a frothy white head that hangs around for a good portion of the drink. The aroma has sweet caramel notes. The flavor is sweet, bready malt. There's a mild citrus flavor in the back as well, but this is a malty beer foremost. The mouthfeel is thick and "chewy." The sweet malt lingers in the finish. This is a smooth drinking and refreshing red ale.

And the Natty Bo glass? This logo glass was ubiquitous at the restaurants we visited in the Outer Banks. At another stop my New Belgium Ranger IPA was served in the same style glass. My guess is the local distributor is providing the glassware to its customers.

Read a report on a previous visit to Red Drum here.

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