Sunday, July 24, 2011

Update on Corcoran Brewing

Virginia's newest nanobrewery is preparing for it's official opening. According to an article in Northern Virginia Magazine, Corcoran Brewing Company will celebrate it's "grand opening" at their Waterford brewery from noon-5 p.m. on Saturday, July 30.

Of special interest, Brewer Kevin Bills says he is working to create a Virginia-sourced beer:
Bills doubts production will top 100 barrels this first year, but has already secured the foundation for future growth: a thriving hop yard.

“At 360 plants, I was told it is the third largest hop farm in the state,” he said of the on-site source. Bills expects to tap neighboring farmers/artisan producers for just about everything else.

“I will be sourcing honey, pumpkins and other stuff from local sources. And, by the end of the year we should be sourcing our base malt from within the state as well,” he asserted. “So between the water, malt, and hops … it will be a truly Virginia beer.”
I'm looking forward to trying out Corcoran's beers very soon.

See the article "Corcoran Hops the Fence" for more information.


  1. We followed your lead and visited Corcoran Brewing in order to film this video:


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