Thursday, September 29, 2011

It's Good To Be An Infidel

Ten years ago a group of cowards attacked the United States in a barbaric exhibition of their "beliefs." Sadly, to this day we still are under threat of attacks motivated by the same ideology. Inspired by the folks at Bacon and Boomsticks, we decided that September 11 would be a great day to celebrate the many things that make us "kafirs" in the eyes of these evil-doers, all in good politically incorrect fun of course. In doing so, we also thumbed our noses at some in the U.S. who also appear to hate freedom and the Constitution.

We started our infidel day as we start every Sunday, at our church. This day celebrating a Mass for the innocent lives slaughtered on September 11, 2001. Next we headed off to the range to enjoy a couple of hours of shooting sports. One of the basic American freedoms, enumerated in our Constitution, is the right to bear arms. Those who would seek to control our lives and limit our freedoms, naturally are put off by our God-given right to self-defense. Tyrants fear an armed people most of all. We must also be conscience of the fact that there are many right here in America actively striving take away our gun rights, leaving us defenseless, who at the same time express their support for the "rights" of those who seek to destroy us.

That done, next up in our celebration was the consumption of some alcoholic beverages, in the form of some good craft beer. The selections I brought home for the day had apropos names;  HopDevil Ale from the Victory Brewing Company, and also Crispen Cider, The Saint, an apple cider brewed with Belgian beer yeast.

As we often do, we ended our day enjoying a great meal, this time featuring the meat of Sus domesticus. A slow-cooked pork roast served as the main course of the feast. For side dishes we also enjoyed a potato and bacon casserole, along with a wonderful pull-apart bacon bread.

The enemies of freedom, both domestic and abroad, thrive on fear. Any time we limit the enjoyment of our freedoms, they taste victory. We all changed on that fateful day ten years ago, when America looked evil right in the eyes. But we didn't surrender. Despite the levity of our "celebration," it's important to remember and always be thankful that we are still free to worship, play, eat and drink as we please.

“Lan astaslem.”
I will not submit. I will not surrender.

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