Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Beer for the Bishop

New York Archbishop Anthony Dolan is visiting the Holy Land prior to going to Rome where he will be elevated to Cardinal by Pope Benedict XVI. As we did when we visited Israel, the Bishop is testing out the local fare, including the beer.
His visit is a spiritual pilgrimage, with 50 priests in tow, but he said he hopes to return to Israel again to “get more into the social, demographic issues and politics.” 
The leader of New York’s Catholics is making time to socialize, though, and he raves about the local beer. 
“I am drinking Maccabi; you have to try it. It even has a biblical name!” he said.
"Maccabi" is a commonly seen spelling of Maccebee from Isreal's Tempo Beverages. By our standards it may be considered a fairly bland lager. But, I can attest it can be quite refreshing in the desert heat.

See "Archbishop Dolan’s Holy Land tour stops at crucifixion site."

That reminds me,
Q: What beers are named in the bible"
A: He-brew and Israel-ite.


  1. I love Dolan. I knew (and adored) Cardinal O'Connor - Dolan reminds me of him in many ways. And I highly recommend his books - a real person sharing real struggles.

    1. He's a good man for sure. He'll be a good Cardinal to help lead the Church in these challenging times.


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