Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine

It's a stereotype we've all heard. Husbands who have to sneak beer into the house. Or new gun purchases. I've long gotten a kick during such discussions of reminding folks that I don't have to sneak around, that my wife knows and appreciates good beer. And she shoots too! I love the incredulous looks when someone asks her about "my" interests in craft beer or shooting and they find out and that she can hold her own in both those areas as well. And I enjoy a chuckle at the ones who are a little bit intimidated by that!

That's my valentine! She's a great wife and a loving mother. And my best friend.

Happy Valentine's Day Colleen!

Yea, it's kind of like that.


  1. Cheers to that, David. My wife likes craft beer (AND good whisky), has no gun phobias, and has gutted deer in her day. And me, well, I drink wine now, and coffee (didn't, before we married), and can stay in the game when she and her biology/chemistry folks get talking. It's all part of the love!

  2. I have a gun-and-Guinness wife. God bless her!

  3. We are blessed men, that's for sure.

  4. See, now this kind of mushy I can handle. Cheers to a good woman in our lives!


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