Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Center Of The Universe Located

Richmond BizSense is reporting that Center of the Universe Brewing Company has signed a lease on a 12,000 square feet building in Ashland, VA, just off Interstate 95.
A fledgling local brewery has finally found its home in the center of the universe. 
Center of the Universe Brewing Company this month leased 12,000 square feet on Air Park Road in Ashland, just off Interstate 95 near Bass Pro Shop. 
The building sits on 1.3 acres and was previously occupied by the Herald-Progress newspaper. 
With its claim officially staked, Center of the Universe, founded by brothers Chris Ray and Phil Ray and named after the unofficial nickname of Ashland, is aiming for a November opening. 
But there’s a lot of work left to be done: There’s the lengthy process of state and federal licensing. They’ll then await the delivery of all the giant tanks, boilers and fermenters that will produce the liquid gold. 
A build-out will give the brothers warehouse space for the brewing components and a front area that will become a tasting room.

This is exciting news for me. The location is one I pass by on my way home from the IDPA and Steel shooting matches held down at Black Creek. Readers know I'm a fan of relaxing with a good beer AFTER shooting. This just may fit the bill perfectly!

See "One hurdle crossed" for more information on the brewery's plans for the space.

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