Monday, May 14, 2012

They Can't Have a Rational Discourse

Even when you want to have a conversation with these people it seems they are incapable of rational reasoning. Our county is considering a change to the law regarding where gun owners can shoot. They are discussing allowing shooting on lots larger than 1 acre. They will be having a public hearing on the proposal in the future. Our local paper ran a story this week on the discussions.

As expected the accusations and hyperbole started in earnest. Here's one example from local resident Bob Sergeant:
What kind of cousin-loving, gap-toothed trailer-dwelling, Elvis-worshipping (remember Elvis almost blew away his girlfriend, accidentally) moron would even consider shooting on a minimum of an acre as the proposed law states.
As is typical for the "I'm pro-2A but..."crowd, Mr. Sergeant begins the name calling in earnest, rather than debating the actual issue. Currently this is not law, it's not even a formal proposal. There aren't any details to discuss, but the commenter extrapolates to the extreme. He rants on with this statement:
So, you can't hunt deer with solid shot in much of VA due to safety offsets, but you can shoot a .50 Barrett on your property if you have more than an acre? 
I'm reminded of this study on the anti-gunners reflection of the their own mistrust of themselves when creating their anti-gun arguments.

See "Spotsylvania supervisors ponder shooting-ordinance change" to read more on the proposal, and the outrageous and irrational diatribe.

Update, May 21, 2012:  It appears the Free Lance-Star has removed the comments from the posting. Perhaps they don't like their fellow leftists looking like idiots. Fortunately I grabbed a screenshot before the comments went away. View it here.


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