Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dot Torture Shooting Drill

This challenging drill found at is a fun way to assess your shooting skills. It's 50 shot drill, on 2 inch circles. The drill tests your sight alignment and trigger control using a variety of shooting skills; from the draw, low-ready, strong hand, weak hand. It's suggested you start out shooting it from three yards, increasing the distance only after shooting a perfect score. My lovely wife insisted we attempt the Dot Torture on a recent trip to the range.

My first miss was on circle 3. The goal was to draw and put one shot on 3 and one on 4, repeated four times. I dropped one shot just below the 3, and then pushed one down into the 6. 

The next miss was on 5 when I put one of the five strong hand-only shots just left off the paper. 

It was smooth sailing for the next three circles, even for the five weak hand only shots. The last miss was just low on 9. 

My total score was 46 out of 50. This was just my third attempt at the Dot Torture, though the previous two attempts were over a year ago. The idea is to do this "test" on a regular basis and track your improvement over time. I'm going to try to remember to do just that.

Go to to download the target and take it with you on your next trip to the range. It's fun. And just a wee bit humbling.


  1. This is a great drill, and a staple in the practice sessions because I run it on outdoor or indoor ranges.

    You should check out the Drill of the Week thread on ToddGs forum ( There are some drills in there that are not yet on

  2. I need to do this test!

    Good shootin'

  3. Andy & Agirl may be a fun "event" at the next gathering of the Hoplorati of the Old Dominion.

    167, thanks for the pointer. Will check it out.


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