Thursday, September 27, 2012

Fund Raising. Beer. Food. Fun.

As hoped, we made it back over to Blue & Gray/Lee's Retreat for dinner this week. The folks at the brewpub were hosting a fund raiser for our high school. The brewpub would donate 8% of our tab to the school. This offer is going on all week; all we have to do is tell our server we're there for the school's fund raising event. Not that I need a special reason to eat there, but given the cause, how could I refuse?

I ended up enjoying a couple pints of the seasonal Oktoberfest. At one point, my friend Jimbo, who was working in the brewery that evening, brought me a pint of K├Âlsch from the back while I still had a full pint of the Oktoberfest in front of me. What to do now? Colleen immediately offered that she'd drive home, so I enjoyed both!

We started our feast with a couple of plates of wings; one each of the Spicy Blue Buffalo Wings and the Chicken Stonewall Wings. We couldn't remember which one we liked the best last time, so we ordered  both. Why fight it? Turns out it's the former, with the spicy Gorgonzola sauce that was the favorite, though both are delicious. My usual choice for the main course is one of the pub's thick, juicy burgers. However this visit I opted for the Bratwurst on a Baguette, with a mustard sauerkraut blend, to go along with the Oktoberfest beer. The brat is poached in the brewery's Stonewall Stout then grilled, and served sliced on the roll. It was quite tasty. A friend dining with us enjoyed the same dish, while Colleen and our son both ordered the house burgers.

As usual, our service was prompt and efficient. My pint glass didn't stay empty until I deemed it time to call it quits. We lingered over fun conversation and visited with friends who were also there to support the school's fund raising efforts.

Coincidently, our son's cross country team was also doing a fundraiser that evening supported by the local Subway® store. A portion of all purchases during the event went to the team. So on the way to dinner, we stopped and picked up subs for the next day's lunches. All this extra food and beer to be consumed! But it's okay, we'll do it. After all, it's for the kids!

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