Friday, September 14, 2012

Hello Ambassador Hakimi

We had an interesting visitor to the Musings recently. Their short stay included a review of what I had to say about Terrorism.

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It's only fair to warn our new visitors that, unlike our embassies, our security doesn't rely on the whims of the current president, so we are indeed well protected. Hey, we have bacon AND boomsticks! And alcohol.


  1. David, it is good to see “they found you”. This whole situation over the past three days has my BS meter pegged. I am plain tired of our own government painting things different colors in an attempt to jade the real issues.
    Having just come across this article, I feel it is worth sharing:

    I would be proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with such people ANY day of the week. Many color me a hate monger because there are certain things I outright refuse to accept. I know I am Red, White & Blue.

  2. I hear you. This last week has proven that "dear leader" is a failure and we've opened the door being a nation of dhimmis.


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