Friday, August 2, 2013

August is Virginia Craft Beer Month

Now that you've recovered from IPA Day, it's time to mark another craft beer occasion. The Virginia Craft Brewers Guild has designated August as Craft Beer Month to recognize the growth of the craft beer industry in Virginia. Events around the state will celebrate the many excellent beers being brewed on the Old Dominion.

The month-log celebration will culminate with the Virginia Craft Brewers Fest on August 24. The festival will take place at Devils Backbone Brewery in Nelson County.

Even the Virginia Tourism Board recognizes the importance of craft breweries to Virginia. See the interactive map to over 60 Virginia breweries at

A National Beer Wholesalers Association and the Beer Institute study shows that the beer industry generates nearly 52,000 jobs in Virginia. The industry contributes $2.2 billion in wages and benefits to the state's economy. Maybe the beer industry could give Congress and the president a few tips.

Aaaand, if you can stand the excitement, August 2 is also National Beer Day. So many celebrations and not a single Hallmark card to go with any of them.

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