Saturday, February 1, 2014

Beer Delivery Drones Grounded

Lakemaid Beer thought they had a great promotional gimmick to promote their brewery. They'd use drones to fly beer out to ice fishermen on a Minnesota lake. Unfortunately the government has nixed the idea, according to this ABC report:
An ingenious new drone beer delivery service proposed by a Minnesota Micro Brewery to rush beer to thirsty ice fishermen across frozen lakes has had its wings clipped by the feds. 
Less than a week after the company posted a buzzy promotional YouTube video chronicling the first test flights across mid-sized lakes, the Federal Aviation Administration called Lakemaid Beer to immediately pull the unmanned beer from the skies. 
"As much as they thought it was a funny idea, it was a violation of all sorts of codes," Lakemaid Beer Company President Jack Supple told ABC News, adding that he's determined to keep pushing to get his idea off the ground.

The FAA cites the dangers of flying drones over "dense urban locations" as a cause for concern. According to officials the use of drones for commercial reasons is a "serious matter."

The irony runs deep here.

See "FAA Slaps Down Drone Beer Delivery Service to Ice Fishermen" for more on the drone grounding.


  1. I wonder if you tied a rope to one leg it would fly around in circles overhead....

    1. I can imagine interception attempts on the way to it's final destination. :-)


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