Friday, February 28, 2014

Heritage Brewing Kings Mountain

As we waited for a few seats to open at the Capital Ale House bar earlier this week, I perused the tap line and noted a tap for another Heritage Brewing beer, Kings Mountain. I had missed this one last week. As I finally took my seat, the conversation with David the bartender was short and to the point.

"What are you drinking?"
"What style is the Heritage beer?"
"Scotch Ale"
"I'll take it."
"Small or large?"
"Large, please."

It was an easy decision as I do enjoy the Scotch Ales. And I was excited to try another beer from a new Virginia brewery. Kings Mountain pours a deep copper color with a think beige head. The aroma is toasted and sweet malt with hint of dark fruit. The flavor brings forth toffee, caramel, dark fruit and lightly toasted bread notes. The finish leaves some lingering sweet malts. Kings Mountain is on the lighter end of the Scotch Ale scale, but it's fully flavored, and at a moderate 7.4% ABV it's no slouch.

That's three Heritage Brewing beers I've tried in the past week. And I've enjoyed each one of them. If there's a commonality, it's that they are all rich in flavor but not over the top. Just the thing for enjoying several in sitting, or along with a meal.

I really need to get that visit to Heritage Brewing on my schedule. Really.

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