Monday, June 20, 2016

Lies and Deception

The left loves misdirection. They are artists in deception, and they will gleefully revel in the blood of innocent Americans as long as they can promote their agenda of opression. Take for example this email from the Senator from Virginia, Tim Kaine...
This week, in response to the tragedy in Orlando, I joined Senator Chris Murphy and 37 of my colleagues in a more than fifteen hour filibuster on the Senate floor. Our goal? Finally get Senate Republicans to agree to votes on commonsense gun reform measures like preventing suspected terrorists from obtaining weapons and expanding background checks to ensure only responsible citizens are authorized to own firearms.
That line about "preventing suspected terrorists from obtaining weapons" has been bandied about by the dishonest pundits of the left since the Orlando terror attack. It's referring to the fact that the Orlando shooter was investigated by the FBI at least twice prior to his jihadist actions. What they neglect to say is that he was not restricted from buying guns because the FBI is more concerned about not offending the mohammedans than they are are protecting innocent Americans. If Tim Kaine really cared about saving lives, he would be calling for an investigation of the FBI itself. His line about "expanding background checks" is misdirection too. The Orlando terrorist passed multiple background checks as part of employment investigations. In that process as well he was given a pass. There is simply no way for the left to promote gun control without engaging in lies and deception.

Another favorite lie of the left put forth in the past week is blaming Conservatives and Christians for imagined "anti-gay" rhetoric inciting the murders. Why do some feel the need to make this into an LGBT issue, or even a "gun" issue? It's more misdirection. The real issue is the twisted evil political ideology called islam. Honest Christians stand against the evil that is islam, and its acts of violence against ANYONE. I will not defend LGBT lifestyle choices in any way, but I will support anyone in a fight against violence from islam or any other fanatical group. Sadly we even see Catholic priests promoting leftist screed in order to direct attention away from the real issue. Too many Catholics today are led by ill informed men who have strayed from the teachings of Holy Church and instead treat their flock to PC nonsense and false social justice teachings.

It's my opinion that if a person spouts the progressive agenda, they have already proven their lack of integrity. Don't fall for the lies of the left. These are dangerous people who aren't happy with simply removing the 2nd Amendment, they are after the entire Constitution. They openly decry the 5th Amendment too. In the past weeks the left has shown its true colors through unabashed promotion of "lists" to which they can add Americans, with no due process or even knowledge by the affected citizen. They wish to deny Constitutional rights just because someone holds an opinion different from their own agenda. It's spun as a "terror watch list" or "no fly list" but what they actually desire is to add anyone with whom they disagree, on any issue, even the weather. Secret lists have been the weapon of oppression throughout history. We, the law-abiding, freedom-loving citizens of this country need to stand up for our rights. There is no room for debate. We will not accept blame for the acts of violence committed by criminals and thugs, nor will we have our freedoms restricted by elitist rulers.

Those who wish to limit where and how our rights exist, while preserving those same rights for themselves, are no better than the other fascists of history. Fortunately for us, while they may be vocal and violent, I believe they are still in the minority. The time for debate is over; they won't change. Arguing with them is a waste of time. What we must do is wipe out any apathy on our side, and stop the "it won't happen here" thinking. This is a war. The only way this war will be won, is if freedom-loving people speak out and join together to deny the leftists the power they desire. Hopefully, the ballot box will be sufficient, but that is by no means guaranteed.

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