Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Not Dead. Just Busy.

And maybe a little tired. It's been a week since I put anything new on these Musings. And to those who are looking for something new here, I apologize. It's not that life hasn't been interesting. I've got a few interesting beers to talk about. And there's been some really fun range outings. And how about them Hokies?!? But lately I've only been staring at a blank piece of paper computer screen when I sit down to post.

This shall pass. Stand by.


  1. Repainting house in prep for new flooring installation. Fostering a ton of kittens. Washing and ironing curtains... Life gets in the way.

    1. Life. It beats the alternative.

      I have plenty of opinion pieces I could write, but I'm trying to be mostly family friendly. :-)



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