Friday, September 8, 2017

Armed Lifestyle: Packing for a Weekend Trip

When one is dedicated to an armed lifestyle, packing the suitcase for a weekend trip goes beyond just considerations of clothes personal items. It occurred to me recently how many more decisions I go through before leaving on even a short trip, and all the "extras" that might be needed.

Unless I am planning on shooting for recreation during the trip, I prefer to bring along just one gun. Therefore the first consideration is always the permissiveness of the venues I'd be visiting. Unless one will be traveling to familiar places, that could entail much research. That information determines how much gun I'll be carrying. All further decisions that follow are based on the selected weapon. First up of course is the holster decision. Will my usual IWB carry method suffice? Is there a need to also pack a pocket holster? Rarely do I travel with a just a single holster.

After the holsters are selected, the spare magazine needs go under consideration. Is my typical belt carry sufficient? Will I need the pocket magazine carrier for deeper concealment? Not to be forgotten, depending on the weapon selected, how many spare magazines are sufficient?

When I'm at home, going about the normal routines of home and work, my choices are routine and established. However, travel even to a familiar place, can be full of unknowns. Well before I leave I spend time thinking about where I'll be, who I'll see, and what I'll doing. Being prepared for self defense on the road is as important as being prepared for the weather or a nice evening out.


  1. One gun... That's not prepared for an entire weekend. Nut up.

  2. Maryland. Drive to the border, get out, pack everything up. Spend less than an hour crossing the state into PA for the turnpike, stop, get everything back out. Such a pita.

    1. Maryland is a PITA. I've been patted down on the side of the highway by MD Transportation Authority thugs because I was legally transporting firearms locked in the trunk.


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