Tuesday, January 23, 2018

No Brewery Visit on Monday

Returning from a fun four-day "escape," Colleen and I were passing through Harrisonburg, VA on Monday around lunch time. Remembering there are a number of breweries in town, none of which we've ever visited, I did a quick internet search.

Well, that's disappointing.

We did have a tasty lunch at Union Station Restaurant where I enjoyed a Deadly Rhythm Pale Ale from Pale Fire Brewing. Coincidently, I began the weekend with a Red Molly Irish Red, also from Pale Fire. Both beers were quite tasty. We will need to plan a return to Harrisonburg to check out more Pale Fire beers — when the brewery is open!


  1. I hate that. I'm retired. I'm old. I eat between 2 and 5...

    1. Yea. We often find ourselves at odds with "normal" eating schedules.

      And what is it with coffee shops that close after dark?


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