Monday, January 8, 2018

Spittle Spirits? No Thank You

Waste not, want not? A distiller in Australia may have taken that idiom to the extreme.
An Australian distiller has taken the concept of recycling to a whole new level by taking the spat-out wine at a wine tasting conference and turning it into a spirit aptly named Kissing a Stranger. 
Peter Bignell, of Tasmanian Belgrove Distillery, was first struck by the idea at the Rootstock festival in Sydney, a gathering of winemakers from all over the world promoting sustainable practices in the winemaking industry. He was in a group tasting wines, and as per tradition in wine-tasting, the majority of it was spat out in a bucket. This practice enables tasters to experience a lot of different wines while avoiding drunkenness. Bignell, however, saw it as wasteful.

Bignell took 500 liters of spit out wine, replete with bits of biscuits and cheese, and obviously saliva, then distilled it into a spirit which he claims tastes similar to brandy.

I'm pretty adventurous when it comes to trying new foods and drink, but this just seems like a gimmick with no redeeming gastronomic value. It reminds me of the brewers who aim for shock value in order to sell a product. I'll pass.

See "Distiller Makes Booze Out of Wine Spat Out by Strangers at a Tasting Event" for more.

Hat tip to Wirecutter.

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