Sunday, January 28, 2018

Saturday Range Time

After a much-needed relaxing Saturday morning sipping coffee, Colleen and I headed down to Winding Brook Indoor Range for a little shooting time. The morning rush was still clearing out, but we got a couple lanes with very little wait.

Starting out with my target set at 10 yards, I gradually worked out to 20 yards. I was using USPSA paper practice targets, and managed to keep most of the hits in the A zone, slipping a few outside at the furthest distance. Using the turning target feature, the sessions capped off by practicing quick hits on the target from low ready. 

At one point I noticed clouds of paint coming off the side wall of the range. Someone a few lanes over had their target at about 5 yards, but was bouncing hits off the wall 15 yards down range. I stopped shooting and looked over as the observant range officer very quickly attended to the situation. When I brought my target in I found a copper jacket remnant embedded in the cardboard. Such are the pitfalls of an indoor range.

It was a fun hour shooting, and even a pleasant couple hours in the car driving to and from the range. That's two visits to the Ashland range this month. If this keeps up I may have to buy a membership. 

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