Friday, January 5, 2018

There's A Reason Bears Hibernate

Until recently, I had never heard of a "bomb cyclone." Apparently that is the meteorological term for the conditions that brought the severe cold to the east coast this week. Fortunately for us, the storm brings little snow accumulation, but it is blanketing a large area with extremely cold temperatures.

I've been anticipating shooting the monthly IDPA match at Sanner's Lake on Saturday, and have been watching the weather forecast closely. A few weeks have passed since the frigid match last month, and the memories of the cold have faded somewhat. I was determined to persevere and give it another shot. Heavy winter gloves, complete with chemical hand warmer pockets, were dug out. Boot liners located. Wool cap dusted off. Insulated clothing was brought out from the depths of the closet.

Then I saw this forecast for Saturday morning...

Does that say "feels like" -4° at the match start time? It's time to face fact; I would not have fun in that. The decision was made and I disappointingly submitted my withdrawal request to the match director. Instead, on Saturday morning I'll enjoy the fireplace and an extra cup of coffee. Maybe a visit to a warm, well-lit indoor range later in the day...

One the bright side, I learned something new this week.

UPDATE: Shortly after posting this I received an email announcing "Due to the low temperatures and snow/ice on the range, the IDPA match scheduled for tomorrow, Jan. 6 is cancelled."  If I had waited a day before bowing out I could have gotten away without admitting my weakness.

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