Monday, February 4, 2013

Drinking The Seasons

Sunday, after Mass, after a trip to the grocery store, after a quick pizza lunch, after doing my dry fire practice, I decided I wasn't doing anything else, except relax with a few good beers. I went to the fridge and dug around to see what suited my fancy on a cold snowy afternoon. I spied a bottle of Sierra Nevada Tumbler Autumn Brown Ale. This hoppy brown ale has a rich caramel malt flavor with a sweet finish. At just 5.5% ABV, it was just right for a mid-afternoon treat.

Later that day, it was time for a beer to enjoy with a pre-dinner snack. Colleen whipped up a batch of the classic Ro*tel and Velveeta queso. (Watch out arteries!) I had just been thinking about opening a New Belgium Snow Day Winter Ale when Colleen mentioned she'd like one. We discussed if the malty beer would go with the spicy dip, and decided to try it anyway. As we stood around the table snacking, it was decided the answer to that question was "just fine." The beer was flavorful enough and had a sufficient hop component to stand up to the warm "cheese" dip.

The Snow Day enjoyment continued with a dinner table full of nacho fixins. Traditionally I'll go for big hoppy beers with spicy foods, but the malty beer paired up well with the spicy beef, guacamole, salsa and salty chips.

If I had not run out of day, I suspect I could have found something with Spring in the name to enjoy next.

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