Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Juxtapositions and Conflicts

I've frequently commented in these pages about how we are always conscious that our shooting and beer drinking interests don't overlap, or are enjoyed in the proper order. It takes planning, and sometimes sacrifice. I often get a kick out of how often that items of two of my favorite interests show themselves at the same time. Some of the juxtaposition is of my own doing, such as my dry fire setup. Some of it happens serendipitously, such as the time an ammo order and a beer trade package arrived the same day.

A couple weeks ago the delivery pairing happened again. I went to the door to grab a box of target pasters the UPS driver had dropped off and I spied an unexpected package as well. That sight gave me a smile as I recognized the shape immediately. It was another sample from our friends at Flying Dog Brewery.

Have no fear, we'll put them both to use, in the proper order, soon.


  1. The Tap House has run out of Flying Dog Kujo again. I consider that a particularly important thing for after shooting relaxation.

    1. That's just wrong. I hope that is corrected soon.


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