Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Bitter American

IRS targeting critics of the administration, Benghazi abandonment, eavesdropping on reporters, ATF gun sales, Holder perjury, Solyndra, attacks on the Church, Africa vacation ...  Oh wait, this post isn't about why alert Americans are angry and bitter, today were talking about another Bitter American, the beer.

So, starting over...

Bitter American from 21st Amendment Brewery pours a cloudy, marmalade color with a frothy white head. The head is persistent and leaves behind a sticky lacing. The beer has a citrus and biscuity malt aroma. Starting out with a pleasing grapefruit citrus, the flavor also brings some fruitiness in the background. The moderately thick mouthfeel is mixed with a tingly carbonation.

21st Amendment Bitter American is very low in alcohol, checking in at just 4.4% ABV. However, that does not mean it's lacking in taste. I found it to be an exceptionally flavorful beer, and the sessionable nature of the beer is a bonus. I cracked one open after an afternoon at the range, while waiting for the grill to heat up for our Father's Day dinner. I took advantage of the low ABV and poured another to accompany the JalapeƱo cheese topped burgers. It was a delicious pairing.


  1. I'd rather drink the beer than think about all that stuff. I think thinking about it is a thought crime these days. Since they can see into our heads, it matters. Lalalala


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