Sunday, June 30, 2013

No Smoking At Starbucks

Saw this sign at the Starbucks recently.

That could present a problem for smokers. I'm pretty sure there's a Starbucks at least every 25 feet in most cities.


  1. Those smokers are so ignorant and selfish.

    It's a good thing Starbucks (along with everyone else) is so eager to show those smokers the error of their ways.
    It's for their own good. I just wish those smokers would stop being obstinate long enough to see that.

    1. You know Starbucks is already a dangerous place to be be, with all those crazy gun owners running around. ;-)

  2. how in the hell can a business enforce it's rules OUTSIDE it's doors? Now if we're talking about a city ordinance against smoking within 25 feet of a building entrance (like we have in IL, I understand). But if some little pimply faced "barista" is going to come outside and tell me what I can do.... LMAO! Yeahhhh bring it on Jr.


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