Monday, June 3, 2013

Spring Opening For BadWolf Brewing

After our extended visit at Mad Fox in Falls Church, we headed west to Manassas to meet up with Jeremy Myers at BadWolf Brewing. (No, I didn't plan the canine theme.) BadWolf is Manassas' first brewery. Between the necessary lingering at Mad Fox, and the Northern VA traffic, we arrived at the brewery about 2 hours past our scheduled time. Fortunately Jeremy and Brian were still there working on the brewery.

BadWolf's ABC and business licenses were both granted last week and first "official" batch of BadWolf beer was being brewed. There was no beer yet available for tasting during our visit, but a Saison with Sorachi Ace hops was in the pot, so we were able to enjoy some deep breaths of the aromatic hops awaiting addition.

BadWolf Brewing is a classic nanobrewery, with a one-barrel brewhouse, but they expect to have a variety of beers served through six tap lines. Colleen and I visited for just a short time, and I can tell you, Jeremy is passionate and excited about what he's doing. He's planning to have at least four beers ready for opening day.

The grand opening is scheduled for June 19 at 4:00PM. Jeremy said he has been telling folks the brewery would be open "this Spring," and he is determined to keep that promise. (June 19 being the last day of Spring.) They will be putting in a popcorn machine for snacking while drinking, and there is a pizza shop nearby for those fans looking for more filling fare. The brewery will offer beer for onsite consumption and growler fills to go.

BadWolf Brewing is uniquely located. It sits in a small strip mall that also houses a homebrewing supply store, and to my delight, Virginia Arms. So when I visit, I'll be able to combine my two favorite subjects. First, some window shopping at the gun store, and then it'll be over to BadWolf to enjoy a pint or two of craft beer. It's the best of both worlds!

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  1. Yahoo -- I'm happy for you, Jeremy. Best of luck with your passion for brewing. Can't wait to sample your creations. John


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