Friday, June 21, 2013

Three Girls & A Beach House

Gotcha. :-)

However, that is an accurate summation of the beer sampler sent by Old Dominion Brewery last month. The three "pin-up series" beers have already been covered; here, here, and here. However, this first day of Summer seems the perfect occasion to post comments on the remaining bottle in the package, Beach House Golden Pilsner.

Beach House Pilsner pours a translucent straw-yellow with frothy bright white head. The aroma is grainy, with a hint of lemon citrus. The flavor is bitter at the start, with distinct grassy and floral notes as well. A citrus zest follows that lingers in the finish along with a very dry bitterness. The flavor profile is distinct and rich. The moderately low ABV of 5.2% makes Beach House Pilsner a flavorful option for Summer enjoyment.

The beer reviewed here was a promotional sample from the brewery. My impressions are provided of my own free will and mind. The only outside influence being the beer itself.

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