Thursday, June 28, 2018

Stone Brewing Un-Unfiltered IPA

We went out for burgers and beer the other evening. My beer choice for the evening was the latest "Enjoy By" iteration from Stone Brewing, Stone Enjoy By 07.04.18 Unfiltered IPA. Colleen opted for  the All Neon Like from Triple Crossing. When the server set our beers on the table, my first thought was she had mixed up our glasses. That supposed glass of Enjoy By 07.04.18 certainly did not contain an unfiltered beer.

The "Unfiltered" beer is on the left

I had enjoyed the Triple Crossing beer not long ago and I remembered it was a hazy beer. So what was going on? Did they pour the wrong beer? One of the bartenders was sent to our table by our server. She agreed the beer didn't look as expected, but had confirmed the label on the keg.

Google to the rescue, and the mystery was solved. Stone screwed up
The Stone Enjoy By 07.04.18 Unfiltered IPA that came out of our Richmond brewery was, well, filtered. Of course it's still super delicious and incredibly fresh. But it's the filtered version of the beer. Or call it "Stone Enjoy By 07.04.18 Un-Unfiltered IPA" if you will.

Each 6pk box is marked with a sticker designating it as such, so anyone purchasing the beer will be aware of what they're getting. All other states are unaffected and are receiving the San Diego-brewed Stone Enjoy By 07.04.18 Unfiltered IPA. We screwed up. Fortunately this kind of thing doesn’t happen super often. Even more fortunately, it’s hard to imagine a more delicious screw up. We can own that. 

I was looking forward to trying the unfiltered beer. But unfortunately, the New England style beer is only available on the west coast.

The beer was quite tasty. I was still disappointed that the beer was not as advertised. Stone laughed it off, but should it really still be labeled Stone Enjoy By 07.04.18 Unfiltered IPA? Apparently the "oops" label was not placed on the keg.

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