Thursday, June 21, 2018

Weekly Range Session

I do miss being able to practice outdoors, but when the "feels like" temperature hits 102°, I am more accepting of the limits at an indoor range. That was my thought as I drove to the range one day after work this week. (Still, it was a bittersweet thought of fun days past.)

I started with a couple of magazines shot strong hand only and then some rapid fire strings at 7 yards. After putting up a fresh target, I pushed the carrier out just a bit further to 12 yards. I did the rest of my practice at that distance.

In my last practice I was trying for more tightly aimed aimed shots. For this outing I tried to shoot as fast as I felt I would at that distance in a match, though obviously without the pressure of competition. Shooting 2 - 4 shot strings, I managed keep most of the hits within the -0 zone. I was somewhat surprised by not only the consistency, but that I was able to make out the hits on the paper at 12 yards. Generally 10 yards is my limit; perhaps either the lighting was brighter or my eyes less fatigued than usual.

In any event, it was wholly satisfying. Changing the target I contemplated my next drill. I had originally thought to try some 25 yard shooting, but decided to continue at the middle distance and try to pick up the speed even more. I shot for a total of 100 rounds at that distance.

It was a fun practice session. One that left me admonishing myself, "Now take that to the match."


  1. Range time is always a good thing, as is stretching your 'limits' if you will. Nice shooting!

  2. Thanks. Any day on the range...



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