Friday, June 1, 2018

ATF Agent Shoots Pet on Playground

Dogs sometimes fight. Fortunately, those folks are rarely serious and sensible humans can usually separate them without undo risk. Unless you happen to be an ATF agent walking his dog on a school playground. In that case, the interaction can turn deadly in a hurry.

SPOTSYLVANIA COURTHOUSE, Va. - A dog owner said an off-duty ATF agent fatally shot his mastiff puppy outside of a middle school in Spotsylvania County.

Vance Gibbs said he brings his dogs to a large field at Ni River Middle School several times a week. However, he is now traumatized after he watched his 8-month-old Presa Canario mastiff puppy Ari die in his arms.

Gibbs said it happened when he and his four puppies and three adult mastiffs were enjoying some exercise on the field Tuesday night. A golden retriever off a leash ran up to them while his dogs, which were on leashes but running free, chased after it.

The dogs then started fighting and Gibbs said he threw himself into the middle trying to get his dogs away. Meanwhile, he said the owner of the golden retriever pulled out a gun and fired twice into the ground, and then a third time hitting Ari in the side. She died minutes later.

There was plenty of irresponsible dog ownership on both side here, and both parties share in the guilt. That said, the trigger-happy ATF agent seems to have exhibited little concern for innocent bystanders. The dogs were fighting each other, not threatening people. The pet owner claims the agent brandished his gun in an earlier incident as well.


  1. Yes, lots of fail here on both sides.

    However, dogs fight sometimes, a quick kick and a bit of tussle and they are easily separated.

    But if you'd have shot my dog, you'd be in the hospital right now, or dead. There'd be no end to this. My dogs are Family. Kill my family, and you become my enemy. I'd not stop until revenge was exacted.

    1. This guy seems like a loose cannon for sure. This took place not far from our home, and he's running around out there in the neighborhood.

  2. Pets are property. Deadly force is not allowed against humans just to protect property, but it is permitted against other property (pets). There aren't enough details in this story as reported here to know whether the shooting of the dog was justified or not. Or whether he fired with full awareness of the background, or not. Just not enough facts here to reach any conclusion. (Except that B is an idiot and hazard to everyone around him/her and with a temper that is likely to land in jail or bankrupt from a lawsuit. It is never justifiable to attack another human just over an animal. Grow the F Up.)

    There's plenty of irresponsible pet owners who allow their animals to run loose or off leash. Sounds like that was just about everyone in this story. Unless you are on your own private property or in an area designated for that, almost all counties have a leash law. You ignore at the peril of your pet. It's called being responsible.

  3. Rural: Sorry you feel that way. Pets are more than property for me. Some folks understand other folks are just too dense.

    If I were a loos cannon, I'd have been in jail long ago, but so far stayed out for over 50 years.

    Sorry you think I am an idiot because i love pets that are like family. doesn't matter, 'cause your comments make me think you are an ass.

    At least we agree that both pet owners were irresponsible. SO how do you justify the killing of one dog to save another? According to you, "they are just property".



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