Monday, June 11, 2012

Cidery Coming To Richmond

Richmond BizSense is reporting on a new cidery planned for Richmond, VA.
A Richmond cider startup hopes to open this fall and join the blossoming “drink local” movement. 
Entrepreneur Courtney Mailey will open Blue Bee Cider in Manchester, joining a rapidly expanding fermented cider market. She said Blue Bee would be Richmond’s first cidery — or at least the first in a long while. 
“I’ll be the first since colonial days. I believe William Byrd had a pretty substantial cider operation,” Mailey said.

The first product, due out this fall, is an apple juice. By next spring, Blue Bee Cider plans two cider varieties, followed by a cider fortified with brandy in about a year.

The cidery is under construction in a building across the street from Legend Brewing Company. That should make for some fun road trips.

See "Cider startup builds buzz" for more information and some pictures of the site under renovation.

You can track Blue Bee's progress on Twitter and Facebook.

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