Saturday, June 23, 2012

Ugly Pug Black Lager

A typical Virginia summer storm crept up Friday afternoon, just as we were preparing to head out for some shooting fun. No matter, I'm a man of many interests, so we changed gears and opted for beer instead. I decided to crack out another of the Texas beers sent recently by my friend 45er, this time Rahr & Sons Ugly Pug Black Lager.

Ugly Pug Lager exhibits a nearly opaque dark brown color, letting some reddish light through at the edges. A thick mocha head tops the pour. The aroma is bread and roasted coffee with a hint of dark chocolate. I was pleased that the flavor which followed was what I hope for. The initial impression is toasted malt and mildy bitter dark coffee. Thrown in there is some pleasing nuttiness and a hint of smoke. The favors linger with the addition of some sweetness at the end.

So often, folks will say they don't like "dark beers," citing bitterness or "heaviness" as the reason. A black lager, or Schwarzbier, is a good "dark beer" style that can help change that color-based, and erroneous, impression. Rahr & Sons' interpretation is well done. It's refreshing, even on a hot day, and at just 4.5% ABV, I certainly could have enjoyed another had it been available.

Needless to say I'm enjoying exploring the tastes of Texas thanks to the recent beer trade. I still have a couple more to try out. Soon.


  1. I heard Blue and Grey cracked open a fresh batch of Stonewall Stout on Thursday. Did you get a chance at it?

    1. Didn't get over for that tapping. I did make it there there Saturday evening for some tasty delights, like Minor Dementia, among others.


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