Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Stupid, It Burns

"A pencil is a weapon when it is pointed at someone in a threatening way and gun noises are made."
 --Bethanne Bradshaw, Suffolk Public Schools

Yep, a Virginia second grader was suspended for holding his pencil like a gun. I wonder how Ms. Brandshaw manages to dress herself each morning. Sadly, this is exactly the sort of mindlessness that we've come to expect from the State indoctrination centers.


  1. You, out of the classroom, now. You have demonstrated that you are unfit to teach.

  2. I'm beginning to wonder if public schools are actually there to suck the intelligence out, instead of putting it in.
    It must be some sort of alien body-snatchers conspiracy thing.
    Disguised aliens have taken over the American public school system and they are using it to collect brain cells and send them to their home planet.
    Remember, you heard it here first.

    (Dood. That picture is awesome. I'm so stealing it. Yoink!)

  3. Yes my friends, we're in for a world of hurt if common sense doesn't make a comeback. And soon.


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