Friday, June 27, 2014

A Burger and A Beer

Due to various commitments and time constraints, I've found myself eating fast food-style burgers on several occasions this past week. Despite all the "hamburger" meals this week, I told a friend I was still craving a "real one." So on Thursday evening, when Checkered Flag and I met at The Pub for a quick dinner, there was little doubt what I'd be ordering. The Pub's burgers are long-time favorites.

The Pub is also home the Battlefield Brewing, so a house beer was in order as well. I selected Austerlitz Czech-style Black Lager. The beer was served much too cold, as The Pub seems to do with all their beers. There was no actual ice on the glass, although it was quite wet with condensation, indicating the glass was likely freshly removed from cold storage. I let the beer sit for awhile to come up to a reasonable temperature.

Austerlitz Czech-style Black Lager is a dark beer a thin beige head. The aroma is mild coffee with an earthy and mildly fruity note. The flavor had very prominent roasted coffee and espresso notes, with a mild bitterness. Light bodied, the beer checks in at 7% ABV. The roasted flavor lingers for an extended time after sipping, leaving an astringent bitterness behind. I enjoy black lagers on occasion, and this one, while not exceptional, was an acceptable accompaniment to my highly anticipated burger. Unlike the week's previous meals, this burger was topped with fresh lettuce, tomato, and pickles — so I got my salad in too. Mom would be happy.

While tasty, I didn't think my burger was up to The Pub's previous standards. We used to hit The Pub very regularly but haven't been there in a while. Sadly, the service and quality has diminished in recent years and the reviews online are hit or miss. Despite this, the meal and conversation with a friend made for an enjoyable evening.

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